What Would Jesus Do? Beat His Gay Son, According to One Preacher (Video)

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What Would Sean Harris Do?

North Carolina residents are slated to vote May 8th on whether or not marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman, effectively banning gay marriage in their state. According to this Elon poll, most North Carolina residents are against banning same-sex marriage, but not so with all. One pastor, Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, told his congregation this Sunday that boys “acting like a female” is behavior that should be squashed “like a cockroach.” He went on to suggest that children who do not adhere to gender norms should be punched. Take a look:







Harris now says he would never condone child abuse, but stands by the rest of his anti-gay tirade. Mmm-hmm. As Erik Kain said on, “Somehow I think violence toward children is more ungodly than effeminate behavior, but that’s just a hunch.”