What You Must Do To Your Cell Phone Today





You’re guilty, I’m guilty. Quite frankly, we’re all guilty to violating the rules of proper cell phone usage.  If you’re a mom – if you’re anyone – who’s obsessed with social media, you’re probably extra-guilty. We sneak in the bathroom to check email, we fall asleep at night with our phones under our pillows, and we panic if they are misplaced. What? That’s just me? Oh, well, play along, Ladies, play along…

Fast featured an insightful collection of infographics showing the consequences of poor cell phone use and how it affects you in the long run. Just think about the terror of losing all your contacts! What is really scary is the fact that 54% of cell phone users do not password protect their phones.




Go to your phone’s settings and password protect your phone right now!

Protect your blogs, Social Media accounts, financial data, email and more just by password protecting your phone. Don’t make me come to your house and check it myself. I will.

Just last week I thought I had lost my iPhone in San Francisco. I sent this photo out on Instagram to tell the tale. As it turns out many of the digital ladies out there also have a habit of storing their phones in their bras. Who knew?

Who wouldn't panic, right?

Now, we know the usual suspects (i.e. the car, swimming pool, bathroom, etc.) but let’s be honest and admit where we have (or thought we had) lost our phones. Don’t be shy. Your story can’t be crazier than mine.


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