What You Won't Find in a Kid's Pocket


kids-pocket-over-three-weeksThere’s one thing you’ll learn quickly about parenting – don’t clean out their pockets, and you can ruin your washing machine.

That’s why a photostream of simple pictures on Flickr caught my eye. Tsillie Hill Dreams collects “things in little pockets that almost went in washers” and photographs them in neatly ordered rows.

In one week, for example, her daughter’s pockets produced a pink LEGO, a pair of Barbie sunglasses, a flower eraser, a movie ticket stub, a mangled crayon, a beaded ring and a series of buttons.

The photos are a whimsical interpretation of a child’s week – and their personal tastes. This girl, for example, seems to favor pink. My daughter recently discovered just how good pockets are for carting things around. At the local arcade/fun house for a playdate, I noticed she was protective of one hip. Concerned that she’d hurt herself, I moved in closer only to hear the jingle jangle of pocket change. She’d apparently loaded herself down with the coinage from the corner table in our living room – “just in case.”

What sort of things pop up in your kids’ pockets?

Via OhDeeDoh

Image: Tsillie Hill Dreams

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