What Your Child's Teacher Wants You to Know

While much of the back-so-school focus right now is on our children, they aren’t the only ones returning the classroom.  Teachers are coming back too.  And there are some things they would like to say to parents before that first bell rings.

In an article at CNN, Lisa Capretto asks 3rd grade teacher Stacey Nelson to spell it out for us.  What do teachers want parents to know as we head back to the classroom?  It boils down to three things:  Respect the teacher, get involved and be organized.

Respect that your child’s teacher is on your side and that she cares about all her students.  She wants your child to succeed.  Trust her when she says your child is acting up in class because kids often behave differently at school than they do at home.   Don’t show up in the classroom unannounced and if you have a problem, talk to her before going over her head to the principal.

Be involved by checking  school folders regularly and making sure that homework gets done.  But don’t do the work for your child!  That’s cheating and defeats the whole purpose of homework.  If your child comes home complaining about a mean teacher, understand that the version of events that you are hearing may not actually be the way things went down.  Talk to your child to get to the heart of the issue.  And show up for open house night.  Your child’s teacher wants to see your face and have the opportunity to discuss your child’s education.

Be organized and have a regular nightly routine for doing homework and packing up the backpack.  A messy house is stressful and that stress can carry over into the classroom.  Clean up your house and make sure there’s a clutter-free area set aside for school work.

Do you feel like you’ve just been schooled?  I know I do!  But did Nelson miss anything?  Teachers, what else do you wish parents knew before they sent their kids off to school?

Image: katesheets/Flickr

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