What Your Gift Wrapping Style Says About You


My feelings about gift wrapping are similar to my feelings about bed making: I’d rather not do it.

gift wrapping
The gifts I wrap look only slightly better than this one.

Why make your bed when you are only going to mess it up a few hours later? For me, it’s a waste of energy, unless of course you have guests coming over and want them to believe you are neat. As for wrapping gifts, it seems like such a waste of paper, not to mention the expedition required to hunt through my house for items like scissors and tape, long spirited off by my children to who knows where.

When I wrap Christmas gifts, I do the bare minimum. As long as the gift is covered up, I’m good. I don’t care about neatly folded corners and bows and works of holiday art.  According to Lindsay Cross of Mommyish, this means I “just need a few more holidays to build up” my skill.  That’s so sweet of you Lindsay. I’ve had more than 40 holidays now and I don’t think any number of holidays is going to change my gift wrapping style.

Cross took a look at what your gift wrapping says about you.  Are you a lazy plastic bagger or do you prefer eco-chic recycled paper? Do you show us all up with your own handmade, artistic wrapping paper? Check out her categories and let us know where you fall.

Photo credit: Mommyish

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