What's Your 'Flow of Evening?'

flow of evening
Let it all hang out, Bess!

I came across this hilarious note written by 5-year-old Bess on The Huffington Post. It’s Bess’ “Flow of Evening,” which includes making a list, because nothing is greater than making a list that includes making a list. Bess is clearly more organized at age 5 than I’ll ever be. I wonder if she’s looking for an internship. I offer kindergarten credit!

Anyhoo – Bess’ note inspired me to take stock of the flow of one of my typical evenings with my daughter, which you can find below, along with a bigger version of Bess’ note. Looks like it’s time to make some changes this summer before the next school year begins. One can only weep so many times a day, really.

flow of evening, to do lists, kid lists, kid notes, funny kid letters
Bess has got good flow.

Here’s mine:

flow of evening, funny kid notes
I forgot the smiley faces down here! Don't make me cry about it!

Feel free to leave your “flow of evening” in the comments below!

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