Wheelchair Stolen from 4-Year-Old Paraplegic


wheelchairWhat’s worse than stealing candy from a baby? Stealing a wheelchair from a four-year-old paraplegic.

Yeah, that guy is puss inside the zit on the butt of humanity. And he’s lurking in Rhode Island.

D’Mauri Bonds can’t walk or talk, so his mother carries his wheelchair out to the sidewalk every morning. Because it’s too heavy to carry it with him inside, she then returns to carry her son out so he can wait for his ride to school. Only while Latarcia Bonds was inside the other day, WPRI reports someone walked off with the $2,800 chair.

Worse – the family’s health insurance won’t pay for a replacement, and as yet the police have come up with nothing. All the family has left is the headrest from the chair – which the thief abandoned outside their Providence home.

Stealing is bad ‘mkay, but stealing from a kid? That’s bad karma.

Do you get more defensive when you hear someone messed with a kid?

Image: man pikin via flickr

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