When Breastmilk is a Lethal Weapon


breastfeedingThink there’s nothing nicer than a lactating mama? Think again. A woman in a Kentucky jail decided to use her ability to squeeze her breastmilk and make it shoot out to spray a corrections officer in the eye.

Now she’s facing assault on an officer charges, and the case is bringing to the forefront one big concern about breastmilk.

It may be good for baby, but it’s considered a biohazard anywhere else. That’s what the deputy sprayed in the Kentucky incident had to deal with. Just as though she’d encountered blood or feces, WKYT describes the CO as having to be decontaminated.

Breastmilk is, after all, a bodily fluid, and women have been known to pass diseases to their children via breastfeeding. But blood doesn’t spurt all over the place (at least not unless there’s something seriously wrong), and unless you’re a monkey, most of us aren’t accustomed to throwing their feces.

But have you ever been the mom who went to breastfeed and had a spurting incident? I know moms who claim to have been able to shoot it clear across the room (and this wasn’t hyperbole – they proved it). Looks like you better be careful who you hit from now on!

Image: obyvatel

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