When Cartoon Characters Go Back to Their Bad Voices


shrek-and-donkeyThe kerfuffle over child stars as they begin to grow up always floors me – and I’m not just talking about Miley and her penchant for stripper poles.

We have adult actors and actresses in kids movies all the time – and we’re fine turning around the next day to watch them hack up a body in a horror film or play a prostitute on SVU. College Humor has taken that point and magnified it to hilarious effect, making Aladdin, Buzz and other beloved cartoon characters talk like the comics who voice them. 

Inputting Robin Williams’, Tim Allen’s and Eddie Murphy’s comic routines in the mouths of their characters kind of makes Miley seem almost pristine (I said almost). Warning, there is foul language within this clip, so don’t click with the kids in the room:

No actor wants to be typecast, but have you ever watched a kiddie flick and had an actor’s past not-so-kid-friendly roles in mind the entire time? I know I couldn’t listen to Lauren Graham in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs without hearing her ask Santa for something naughty in Bad Santa.

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