When Easter Eggs Hunt Go Horribly Wrong: Mom Attacks Fellow Parent


We all know that Easter egg hunts can get a wee bit competitive, but the angst is usually in the form of little kids trying to get more candy than their fellow hunters.  But in Memphis, an Easter egg hunt went terribly wrong when a mom attacked a fellow parent with a claw hammer. What happened?

According to reports, a man thought that the mother was giving her kids too much help in trying to find the ‘golden egg’ which contained seven dollars. The two started to argue and the man slapped the mom not once but twice and the two families started to fight.  The mom – Annette Pearson– was so upset that she rushed into the home to try to find a knife, instead she found a claw hammer.  She hit the man once in the head before someone was able to grab the hammer from her.  The police arrested her and charged her with the felony of aggravated assault and she is being held for $20,000 bail. The man? He had to have four staples put into his head. Ouch.

Have you ever seen an Easter egg hunt get heated?

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