When Hide and Seek Goes Wrong: Cops Called In


hidingchildA Pennsylvania two-year-old wasn’t just good at hide-and-seek. She was “call the cops to find the kid” good.

A toddler playing the game with her siblings went missing, and her frantic parents called the cops when they could find her. A search of the neighborhood ensued, with friends and family out and about for almost an hour before she was found, but not by the cops.

It was the family dog who found the child asleep beneath the washing machine (not inside, thank God).

The story is cute and with the happy ending, even a little funny. And, frankly, it’s not going to scare me out of playing hide-and-seek with my kid. But it does make you think about locking your front door before you start up a game, doesn’t it?

Do you know all your child’s favorite hiding places and have to play at finding them, or have they managed to trick you (and scare the crap out of you)?

Image: A Daring Adventure

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