When Will Teachers Learn? Don't Talk About Students On Facebook!

Update your status at your own risk, teachers.

Another teacher has lost her job for posting not so nice things about her students on Facebook.

This time, I don’t feel bad for her. We’ve heard these stories before so you’d think that by now teachers would consider Facebook off-limits when venting about their jobs. Even if your page is private, you never know which one of your “friends” will take a screen shot and report you. Someone is always watching. Always.

As Yahoo reports, a first-grade teacher learned that lesson the hard way. A New Jersey administrative law judge has ruled that Jennifer O’Brien should lose her tenured job for writing that she was a “warden for future criminals” on Facebook earlier this year.

The Paterson teacher posted her remark to 333 friends on March 28. But it was forwarded (DUH!) and several parents saw it. O’Brien, who plans to appeal the ruling, testified that she wrote the post in exasperation because several students kept disrupting her lessons and one boy had recently hit her. Nonetheless, the judge called O’Brien’s conduct “inexcusable.”

The state education commissioner now has 45 days to accept, reject or modify the decision regarding Jennifer O’Brien.

What do you think? Is the judge’s ruling appropriate? If you saw your child’s teacher wrote a similar post on Facebook how would you react?