When X-Mas Gifts Go Wrong: This Girl REALLY Hates the Cubs! (Video)

She Really Hates the Cubs!

Some parents, well they get some kind of thrill from torturing and tormenting their offspring. One reason why? You know how to totally push their buttons. My daughter? She freaks out if I ever even mention the name Justin (as in Bieber). Others, like in this Jimmy Fallon clip, pranked their kids with the gift of a half eaten sandwich, a potato or by giving a Hello Kitty shirt to a boy.  But there is one kind of torture that crosses the line. Giving your child an item branded with logos of their favorite team’s bitter rival. That is just plain cruel and unusual punishment.

In this new “child gets really upset by Christmas present” viral video via Buzzfeed, a 6-year-old girl is given a Cubs Pillow Pet. But the thing is, she’s a diehard White Sox fan. Yes, the response does involve crying. But don’t worry, there is a happy ending.

You can check out the video right here:


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