When Your Child is One of the Bullies

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Help your child stop bullying

Sure, any parent dreads finding out that their child has been bullied. But have you ever thought about getting the call that your child is the bully?

Bullying is a big problem in schools, with it’s cyber bullying or old school lunch money stealing. Most advice out there is for how to handle the victims. But parents should also know what to do if their child is the one doing the bullying.

iVillage‘s slideshow of straightforward, non-judgmental advice will help the parent of bullies tackle the issue head-on. The most important part, perhaps, in getting your kid out of the all-powerful bully mode?

Yes, admitting that there’s a problem.

There may be signs that your kid is a bully. Either she solves every conflict by hitting or sarcasm or you’re getting multiple calls about her involvement in physical situations at daycare or school. All kids tease, but not all kids are cruel. Know the difference. Also, if your child doesn’t stop after being told do, there’s something else going on.

You should also intervene if you see your child behaving like a bully, but chances are they’re keeping it hidden from you. Try to find a way to observe your child without him knowing it. Then get to the bottom of things: what emotions are driving this behavior? Here are 5 excellent tips to help your child resolve conflict.

In addition to punishing bullying behavior and making sure you’re not allowing bullying behaviors to work in other situations (e.g. at home with siblings), do the one thing you may dread the most: reach out to your child’s victim’s parents. Ugh, yes. But chances are they want to work together to get it to stop, not hate you or your child.

Have your kids ever been bullies? What did you do? How did you feel?

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When Your Child is One of the Bullies

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