When Your Kid Looks Like Charlie Brown


charlie-brownIt’s a show about a bunch of little kids, so is it any wonder most of us see a little bit of Peanuts resemblance in our kids?

If your little baldie just screams Charlie Brown, or that blue blanket makes your kid a dead-ringer for Linus, how about a little money for your troubles? To celebrate sixty years of Peanuts, the first-ever Peanuts Look-Alike contest is going on now.To give you a little inspiration, the Peanuts folks have come up with a series of celebrity look-alikes. Our favorites?

Charles “Sully” Sullenberger as the World War I Fly Ace:

Zombie-killing goofball Simon Pegg as Charlie Brown:


And of course everyone’s favorite sweet super-dork, Michael Cera as Linus:


Think your kid can do better? Winners get to take their kids to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, the home of Planet Snoopy. Runners up get Peanuts DVDs and goodies.

There are some cute kids up there already, but we have faith Babble readers have the cutest kids in the Peanut gallery.

Images: Peanuts

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