When Your Superstar Brand Takes a Hit - Trending Now: #PaulaDeen

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The Southern Queen of the Kitchen (and the unofficial, international spokesperson for butter) is trending on Twitter today, not because of her newest recipe or her entertaining TV shows, but sadly, because of her announcement that she is living with Type 2 Diabetes.

She’s receiving a lot of flack in the media (and from fellow chefs) because it seems that she kept her condition a secret for over a year while continuing to make a show of her excessive use of fatty ingredients and indulgent recipes. So, one has to wonder, will this announcement have a detrimental impact on her empire?

I think it’s safe to say that she’s already turning this announcement of negative news into a positive with her launch of the Diabetes in a New Light initiative and an endorsement deal with a diabetes medication.  A page straight out of Kris Jenner’s Capitalizing on Bad PR 101 Handbook (ok, so maybe there’s no such thing…but there should be).

Time will only tell whether Paula Deen will maintain her status as the happy-go-lucky celeb chef that everyone loves or whether she’s lost all her kitchen cred.