When Youre Done Having Kids … and Get Pregnant

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Those little toes are adorable at any age but would you want to be a mom again past 50?

Fifty-three-year-old grandma Debbie Hughes noticed that her stomach was getting a little larger last year and had no idea why. She feared the worst and after a bit of prodding from her family, went to see the doctor, who confirmed a diagnosis she had never considered.

She was pregnant.

Hughes, already the mother of 26-year-old and 11-year-old sons, had never suspected a pregnancy could be the cause since she still had regular periods and was taking birth control pills consistently.

I was just talking with a 45-year-old friend who was lamenting about never again having a baby. I warned her to never say never. She was nowhere near having any menopausal symptoms with her completely regular periods and active life. We both discussed how having an oops situation at 40+ was something that, well, horrified us both. Having had all my kids in my 20s, I can’t even imagine having another, even now in my 30s. I’m fully done and feel that our family is undeniably complete.

But I imagine you get to a point in your life when you feel that your chances of getting pregnant (certainly at 53!) are quite slim and you wonder how likely it would be for you to even conceive at that age. Then when you consider the fact that this woman was on regular birth control, really what were the chances? One too many, apparently.

After the initial shock wore off, Hughes had a completely normal pregnancy and only has slight morning sickness in the beginning. She had a normal vaginal birth and her newborn son, Kyle, was born weighing 7 pounds 11 oz. Hughes doesn’t regret anything: “I don’t feel any different than I did when I was younger. You’re just as tired as when you’re 20-something as when you’re 50-something.”

While not the oldest mom to have a baby through natural conception, doctors say Hughes experience is remarkable and akin to winning the lottery.

Would you ever want to be a new mom again past 50? Did you have another child after you thought you were done? And do these stories give you shivers down your spine?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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