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Where Is Lisa Irwin? Missing Baby's Mother Failed Lie Detector Test [Video]

By Monica Bielanko |

10-month-old Lisa Irwin has been missing since Monday.

Late last night Stephanie Precourt reported that the parents of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin were no longer cooperating with police. Not more than an hour after police made that statement Lisa’s aunt, Ashley Irwin, made a statement saying the family has “never stopped cooperating with the police” and that “the main goal has always been to find Lisa and bring her home.”

Lisa Irwin was discovered missing at 4am Monday morning by her dad as he returned home from work. She had last been seen by her mother when she put the baby down to bed. Investigators have been working the case as abduction.  Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have consistently said that their daughter was taken from her crib in the middle of the night while Jeremy Irwin was working an overnight shift and Bradley was sleeping.

According to a NBC’s Peter Alexander, Lisa’s parents have also revealed new details about what happened the morning their daughter went missing. They say that when Irwin returned home from work Monday morning the front door was unlocked, a window was open, lights in the house were on. Additionally, the parents claim that along with their daughter, three cell phones were missing.  This morning Irwin and Bradley appeared on the TODAY show to talk with Matt Lauer about their cooperation with police and a failed lie detector test.

When Lauer asked Irwin and Bradley if they are cooperating with police Deborah Bradley said, “We’ve been cooperating from day one and continue to assist the police in their investigation.”

Lauer asked why police said they stopped cooperating. Irwin told Lauer “We were at the station yesterday being interviewed again and I just reached my boiling point and I said I can’t do this any more today, I can’t answer any more questions and we asked to leave and the next thing we knew was the press conference.”

When asked if the interviewers were not nice Bradley responded thusly, “They were really nice yesterday but it wasn’t like that the first time and we understand that, we don’t have any hard feelings, we’re not mad, we know that this is what they have to do…”We don’t care what anyone says or things, we don’t care what they thing, our ocncern is to find lisa to bring her home, that’s what we want and I don’t care what we have to do to get that.”

Then why leave the police station in the middle of questioning?

Bradley also told Lauer she volunteered for a lie detector test. “They said that I failed and I continue to say that’s not possible. I don’t know where she’s at, I did not do this.”

Bradley says she was not told which question she failed, but she maintains it’s not possible. “What do you say when someone tells you that and you know you did not do anything.”

Jeremy says he hasn’t taken a polygraph because he hasn’t been asked to but says “he’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring his daughter home.” Except for answer questions at the police station?

My thoughts? Something is fishy. I hate to cast doubt on parents but stranger abductions like this are extremely rare and this couple just isn’t passing the smell test. Dad is behaving in a particularly weird fashion, don’t you think? If I had nothing to hide I would sit at the police station answering EVERY SINGLE QUESTION, strap me to a polygraph machine WHATEVER just to what you gotta do so you can rule me out and focus on finding my baby. These kinds of questions are part of the deal when a child goes missing and everyone knows that. So to say you “can’t answer any more questions” is bizarre.

Watch the interview from TODAY and tell me what you think:

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22 thoughts on “Where Is Lisa Irwin? Missing Baby's Mother Failed Lie Detector Test [Video]

  1. StevieGirl says:

    The mother sounds as if she’s crying, but where are the tears? She “sounds” sincere and acts like she’s crying, but where are the tears?

    Prayers for this baby’s safe return!

  2. Lola says:

    I understand your feelings, but I also have to think of how I would feel– if my daughter was taken from me yet I’ve been interrogated for hours upon hours, daily, as if I was the one who did this to her– I think it would finally wear on you and you would just want to say, ‘Hey, I didn’t do this! Go find her!’ I can’t imagine the emotional and physical stress they must be going through. The parents are cooperating, they just needed a break.

  3. Nickie says:

    Im sure they felt picked on. Interigation questioning.can b harsh.and.repetitive. Im sure they just feel like time is bn wasted

  4. Oh I have no idea what they could be going through. I hate that I worry that they are responsible for her disappearance. Ugh ugh ugh.


  5. Monica Bielanko says:

    @Lola – A good point. It’s just that the past has shown us it’s usually the parents, you know? And if it were my daughter that was missing I’d offer to take a lie detector test the first hour she went missing, if only to assure them I wasn’t involved. After hours of questioning, why didn’t dad take one as well?

  6. Mandy says:

    What bugs me the most about the whole story, is who would kidnap a baby and steal everyone’s cell phones while they are at it? Why didn’t dad have his cell phone on him at work? I think the truth lies in those cell phones either from phone calls made, or text messages and they got rid of the phones. Why would a kidnapper steal their phones if they can be traced by GPS and likely get caught? Something doesn’t add up.

  7. Rosana says:

    When I first read about this case, the first thing I thought was that the mother knows more than she is saying. I think she did something to her baby. It is very sad to see what parents are capable of doing to their babies or with their babies. Why is giving the baby for adoption, never a choice for these people?

  8. Alison says:

    Hmm. I don’t feel informed enough to comment on this, and I don’t think you are either.

  9. Lori says:

    It’s very sad. While polygraph tests aren’t 100% it definitely has made me question the parents. I even questioned them before this came out today and the first day I heard about it. Questioned the Mom more so than the Dad. I read something yesterday about the cell phones missing and how it was delay in calling the police. I think I would be going to a neighbors, banging on their door to wake them to call the police once I saw that my daughter was not asleep in her crib or anywhere in the house.

    I honestly hope the parents aren’t involved in the disappearance of this beautiful little baby. I would do anything and everything possible to help the authorities find Sofia if this ever happened to her.

  10. Jamie Green says:

    I have been reviewing facts about Lisa Irwin’s disappearance. Have you taken note of the stray cat being in the house???? Cat’s can suffocate babies. They had a stray cat in their home that they found earlier that day. It’s possible Lisa’s mother panicked after the cat possibly suffocated the baby and did something with Lisa to hide it! I have kids, it’s just a thought.

  11. Diera says:

    Did she actually fail a lie detector test, or did the police just tell her she did? I couldn’t find anything from the police confirming she had failed the test. Sometimes the police will say deceptive things during an investigation (you failed a lie detector test, we have a witness who says they saw you commit the crime, etc.) to try to rattle someone and get them to make an admission of guilt. It seemed like in all the stories I saw, the mention of the failed lie detector test was coming from the mother, not the police spokesperson.

  12. Monica Bielanko says:

    @Alison – Is there some sort of moratorium on commenting about a missing child? Obviously we don’t know what happened yet but there are circumstances that have occurred thus far and people are speculating.

  13. Diera says:

    There is no way a stray cat suffocated a 10 month old. A newborn maybe, although even then I think it’s almost completely a myth (I found one initial news report of a family cat causing the death of a six-week-old in 2000, but that death was later determined to be a SIDS death and not anything to do with the cat) but a healthy almost-toddler? No way.

  14. Joanna says:

    I’ve no idea what happened here, but most people would fail a lie detector test. You get to retake them several times when going for your security clearance because nearly everyone fails the first time. They mean nothing.

  15. Scott says:

    There certainly is a fishy smell to this, but holding parents of an abducted child in separate interview rooms for 10+ hours right after losing their 10 mo old is a bit much. The police from the start suspected the parents, in the first press conference they said their focus was on the two people at the home when they arrived, mom and dad. So this tells me they were heavily interrogating them while they had them. They did this for 2 days, I’m sorry but if my infant was abducted and police are spending a ton of effort trying to get me to slip up when I did nothing wrong I would back away as well. The police will do and say just about anything to get the information that they want. The mom said the police told her she failed portions of the lie detector test but did not say what questions.

    The story took a turn for me when they said that the person broke in, took the baby, their three cell phones and left lights on. I have a son one week older than their baby, and if someone came in, in the middle of the night and was fishing around my house I would hear them. Was there no baby monitor in the room? Mine is so sensitive I could hear a mouse fart in the baby’s room. I have another in my 4 year old’s room. To get in and out of a window with an infant would be difficult to keep them quiet.

    I hope the parents had nothing to do with this, but typically it would be one of them. Did the mom just get fed up with the baby having a cold? Was the baby crying while she was trying to do something else? Only one person knows. I just find it hard to believe that no one saw anything if it was an abduction. Someone didn’t just stumble upon their window to take a sleeping baby. There was planning, unfortunately if there were planning, it most certainly means the abductor(s) were not staying around Kansas City and headed somewhere where there would be less coverage and less chance of being caught.

  16. LG says:

    It makes me crazy that people judge every minute action of the parents then and come to the conclusion that they must have done it. From everythign i have read, the dad came home, woke up the mom when he didn’t see the baby…they frantically searched the houes adn then called the police. what’s weird about that? if they had waited until the next morning…weird…but they didn’t. And as someone who had to take a lie detector test for a security is totally normal to fail the first time and even second time. that’s why they are not admissable in court.

    And I agree with the other commentators. If your child was missing and the police were spending hours and hours interrogating you, and not so subtley accusing you of committing the crime—and you are sleep deprived and near hysterical with worry, you wouldn’t react perfeclty peachy either!

  17. TBerry says:

    I don’t know enough to comment about the parents are involvement but I do know that lie detectors are not all that accurate, especially when the person being tested is already stressed and upset. You can get false positives if a question induces additional stress. I have to say, if my child was kidnapped and the police were asking questions that made me feel like they thought I did it it would stress me even more than I already was. I also have to say that if they spent 10 hours, two days in a row questioning me and my husband I would be questioning if they are even looking for other leads in the case. I certainly would want all the attention put on finding my child and not on finding a way to accuse me or my husband.

  18. Julia Roberts says:

    I have no idea, but I hope it’s not the parents. We also have to remember these aren’t people that are trained to be in the media and so how they talk and answer questions and present themselves can make you think this or that about them.

    Also, this makes me think about the case of baby Sabrina so many years ago in FL (still missing) stolen from her home in the night. The parents have finally been cleared by law enforcement and been apologized to from the state after years of harassment (and arrest) of people thinking they did it. Thinking about that couple makes me think about these parents and giving them room to be presumed innocent.

  19. Rocmax says:

    I thought about the Sabrina Aisenberg case too. They also had two other children, boys I believe and the baby was taken from her room also and there was an open door too. The case about Sabrina got really cold when they started to focus on the parents. Everything went on the lawyer and the parents and Sabrina was secondary….But, these parents did sue and got alot of money from that law suit. Also, just like Casey Anthony… one remembers the babies….

  20. Rocmax says:

    In this case, I am really hoping that the focus remains on this baby. It is getting pretty scary to see these babies missing and then the drama goes in another direction. The publicity, the media, the lawyers, the private investigators get all the coverage and exposure leaving behide the real reason it all began. Already news is coming in about this private investigator, his clothes, his background.really are you serious again with the drama…..why cant we all stick to the script…

  21. Rocmax says:

    Lets stop sugar coating this nonscence about the parents being under duress. As a parent you are totally responsible. Regardless of what happens bottom line is as a parent you are held responsible for your children. Especially, when in this case, it should be simple for everyone concerned. These kids were all at home tucked away in their beds and the statements made by the parents make no sense at all. Baby and three cell phones missing…really!@ Like someone broke into a house and did some burglary..Yeah, officer someone broke in a stole three cell phones and a baby….how does this sound to you? If you lie, you must remember what you lied about if you state the truth it remains as clear as day and the interrogation should be solid with no loops. Simple.

  22. Skye says:

    I honestly think that the parent’s have something to do with this, especially the mother. If she was the only one home at the time as her baby was kidnapped, how come she didnt hear anything??? I have an 8 month old son, and if it were the middle of he night, and I was in bed, I would surely hear something going on in my house. I think that she just couldnt take her daughter anymore, (fussing, crying, ect) and then did something to her, and started freaking out not knowing what to do as she realized what she did, and then did something with her daughter. Plus she was intoxicated anyway wasnt she? I may be wrong, but everybody can put their opinions out there! I hope that the parent’s have nothing to do with this and that they can find and bring baby lisa home safely! Something just doesnt add up here.

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