Who Has the Best Trick-Or-Treating in the USA? My Town!


Girl in costume at Halloween partyThere are many reasons why I am proud of my town: it’s beautiful, it’s culturally diverse, and it has amazing temperate weather. But now there is one more reason I should be proud of my hometown. San Francisco has been named the best place for trick-or-treating in the country by

“There are many factors that make an area a good place to trick-or-treat,” said Zillow’s chief marketing officer Amy Bohutinsky to ABC News. “The cities that made the top of our list had winning combinations of walkable neighborhoods, high home values–as we theorized that bigger homes in more expensive neighborhoods would give out bigger, better candy–low crime rates and high population density.”

And San Francisco didn’t just win this year, it won the last two years as well. How was this honor decided? According to ABC News it was done by,”analyzing a combination of data including home values, population density, walkability and crime data.” Taking in all that in consideration, they named my home town the best place in the country to get your trick-or-treating on, and I can not argue with this decision. But in full disclosure, I have never experienced trick-or-treating in any other town. As a born and bred San Franciscan,  as a child I donned my witch’s hat and trolled the windy streets of the Glen Park area, Halloweens which have gone down as some of my most cherished childhood memories. And now I am equally as delighted in taking my young daughter door to door in our own neighborhood.

It’s a magical time. Our community and people here in San Francisco take the holiday seriously. In our own hood adults not only go all out with their decorations from dry ice hidden in bushes, to whole candy crews dressed in creepy costumes acting out a whole narrative, to last year when a “coven of witches” handed out apples from their tree and little slips of paper with pro-witch propaganda (which were based on facts about the myth of witches being evil).  This is the one day of the year where our usually quiet neighborhood is full of pedestrians, with the narrow sidewalks being swamped with gaggles of costumed children and their slightly overwhelmed parents. And although all us parents are trying to get the kids to not RUN from house to house, to look both ways before crossed the streets and reminding them to not just say, “trick-or-treat,” but to say ,”thank you,” there is a magic feeling in the air, one of joy and happiness. San Francisco comes together to celebrate this day, and while there may be drag queens in full regalia strolling along Castro and singles wearing skimpy outfits to one of the many 21 and over events happening all over town, this day is still about the kids.

And if you are wondering who came in after San Francisco, the runner-ups were Boston, Honolulu, San Jose and Seattle with Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Portland, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Miami, Denver, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Virginia Beach finishing off the list.

Photo Source: iStockPhoto