Who Knew it was Even Possible? Identical TRIPLETS Born in Pennsylvania

Identical triplet
Triple the flavor, triple the fun

We’re all kind of past being surprised by “incredible births,” right? Women giving birth in their 50s. Women giving birth to eight babies at a pop. We get it: science is ah-mazing.

But identical triplets? Who knew?!

Three boys were born to a family in Pennsylvania a few days ago. They weren’t fraternal triplets. No, they were identical triplets. The odds of that happening, by the way? Staggering.

Daniel Jeffrey, Ryder James and Garrett Campbell were born within two minutes of each other on Tuesday to Jennifer Price and her husband Daniel.

The chance of identical triplets? One in half a million.

According to the Examiner, proud papa Daniel was “happy to have the help of a wall to keep him on his feet as his wife gave birth.”

Triple the flavor, triple the fun. Or at least the Prices had better hope so (x3).

Have you ever heard of identical triplets?

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