Who Needs to Do Laundry When There's Scratch and Sniff Jeans?

scratch and sniff jeans, scented denim
Mmm... your rear smells like raspberry!

Naked and Famous Denim have introduced a revolutionary product that may eliminate the need for Febreze in your household: scratch-and-sniff jeans. According to, “A coating of scented micro capsules has been baked into the jeans and when they’re scratched, raspberry fragrance is released. And don’t worry about the scent fading. Naked and Famous say they’ve washed these jeans five times and they still smell fresh.”

I’m definitely the type who wears jeans until they can stand-up on their own like the green pants in What Was I Scared Of?, so even though these jeans will cost well above a price point I’d normally pay ($140+), I would totally buy them. Discovery wants to know what scent you’d prefer your scented jeans to be imbued with. I’m gonna say lavender. How about you? Now if only someone would invent scratch-and-sniff drop-crotch skinny jeans!

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