Who Says Pluto's Not a Planet?


plutoThe Music Tapes, a band led by Julian Koster of Neutral Milk Hotel, is not technically a kids’ bands, but they’ve made an amazingly creative music video that relies heavily on kids for singing, acting, and sensibility.

With backup vocals by fourth graders from Athens, Georgia, the video is about “grumpy old astronomers'” decision to  demote Pluto from planetary status, calling it instead a “dwarf planet.”

In the video, appropriately called “For the Planet Pluto,” poor Pluto is left out of interplanetary breakfasts and astronomy lessons until children the world over rally behind the smallest planet, eventually leading to a rather mysterious but heartwarming tea party between Pluto and a giant metronome.  Enjoy!

The Music Tapes – For the Planet Pluto from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Photo: Wikimedia

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