Whoops! When the XXXs on a Valentine Candy Arent Actually Kisses

Sometimes candy isn’t so sweet

Nice t***.

That was the message one girl got when she opened up her Valentine’s heart-shaped conversation candies last year. The girl was 12-years-old.

Ciara Bush bought the candy at a discount store in North Highlands, California, and immediately told her parents upon receiving the X-rated heart.

“I thought it was kind of shocking,” she told in Sacramento, according to the New York Daily News.

The candies are famous for having messages inscribed on them, but usually of a more benign nature, like “Be Mine” and “Cutie Pie.”

Ciara’s parents called the candy’s manufacturer immediately and were asked to send back the bag so the company could investigate.

No word if “Naughty and Nice” were inscribed on any of the other candies.


Image: Wikipedia

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