Why All Social Media Managers Should Be Moms


This post is my response to this unintentionally hilarious post by Cathryn Sloan at The Next Gen Journal about why all Social Media Managers should be 25. What? Saying that all social media managers should be moms is no more ridiculous than saying they should all be under 25, right? 

Facebook was launched in 2004, and Twitter in 2006. I, along with every other mother I know online, can remember exactly when these endeavors were launched, because we were already participating in the 2.0 webosphere, including blogs, message boards, and even something anyone under 25 hasn’t ever heard of called Friendster, and a little something called MySpace. As early adopters of all things social media and fully aware of how huge social media was going to be, we signed up for everything early and often.

You might argue that everyone, including non-mothers, was along for the ride. I’m not saying they weren’t, but we were utilizing social media to keep our sanity in the early days of parenting, and to get through many a sleepless night with a babe at our breast. Because we didn’t get to sleep much during our children’s early years, it’s clear that we were able to spend more time online using social media than anyone else. No one will be able to have as clear an understanding as us, no matter how much they think they do.

The key is that we learned how to use social media socially instead of professionally, rather than vice versa. After all, it IS called social media, and the seemingly obvious importance of incorporating social aspects into social media is the bread and butter of moms online, who can quickly alternate between discussing products and offering parenting advice while also utilizing video chats to set up their next speaking gig. To those that aren’t moms, social media might just look like a marketing platform but we moms are the only ones that understand its true power.

The truth is, no matter who you are, some people just have a better understanding of social media than others. But every generation has changes in history that define them, and we moms happen to be changing the face of motherhood by utilizing social media to create amazing online communities. Most companies are recognizing this and have jumped on to the social media bandwagon to reach out to us, and many companies are hiring moms to be their social media managers because not only do they understand the platform but they usually have five or ten years of direct experience working, both in social media and other areas.

It’s clear that younger and younger people are getting involved with social media, as even some of our children now have social media profiles, even though they don’t remember Facebook before Timeline. Some older people are using smart phones to tweet, which is so much easier than when we used to have to text 40404. The mere fact that mothers have been up close and personal with all these developments over the years, and are responsible for the wild success of some sites like Pinterest, should make clear that moms are the ones who can best predict, execute, and utilize the social media developments to come. So hire a mom to be your social media manager today!

If you can’t tell, this is totally satire, even if it contains nuggets of truth. All kinds of folks make great social media managers, obviously. 

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