Why I Hate Facebook

Okay, whatever, FINE.

Yes, I friended all those people when they asked.

No, I don’t know them all in real life.

But I got on Facebook waaaay back in the early days, and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know that fan pages would become an option, so I went ahead and friended all my blog readers. I didn’t know that people would begin to use Facebook so intently for promotions and marketing how could I possibly have known?

So now I’m inundated daily with non-stop “vote for me!”s and invites to “20% off sale”s and mass emails from “sweepers” (professional sweepstakes competitors). I unfriend, delete, and block like a madwoman, but it still remains that a large amount of the time I spend on Facebook is about managing the site, and NOT ABOUT BEING SOCIAL.

This is incredibly frustrating.

The latest thing that’s been driving me batshit crazy on Facebook is people tagging me in vaguely pornographic photos. No actual nudity, but women dressed very skimpily and hinting at sex acts with links to pages that ARE porn. Most annoying! In addition, these photo tags are NOT coming from individual Facebook pages that I can block; they are coming from a FAN PAGE and you cannot block a fan page from tagging you in a photo.


Yes, I could change my privacy settings to only friends being able to tag me in photos, but GUESS WHAT? That STILL does not prevent people from being able to tag you in a photo from a FAN PAGE. Yes, really.


In an attempt to manage the mess my Facebook page has become, I asked my fans/friends how they’d feel if I moved them off my personal page and onto my blog’s fan page instead (or possibly turn my page from a personal page into a fan page). Most people said they understood, but felt sad at the prospect.

I hate making people sad.

So what I’m going to have to do instead is spend hours and hours sorting, managing, deleting, blocking, and otherwise managing my account on Facebook until I wrestle it into something that works for me. Which I do realize is my responsibility, of course. But I can’t help but resent the fact that a few idiots abusing the “system,” so to speak, are making me change how I have my page set up.

Meanwhile, I’ll just hang out over at nice and simple Google+. Until they screw that up too.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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