Why I'll Be Buying the iPhone 5


I’ll admit it: I’ve been avidly following all the rumors, read all the articles, looked at the potentially leaked photos I’ve grasped at every bit of info about the iPhone 5 I could these last few months. I’ve know for ages that I’d be upgrading to the next iPhone, whatever it was, because I have thus far gotten every other phone that Apple puts out; I got the first iPhone, skipped the 3S, got the 4, and skipped the 4S. In other words, for over a year I’ve suffered from things like Siri envy.

Still, even though I knew I’d likely be buying the new iPhone regardless of how it looked, I still followed along with today’s announcements on a couple of sites that were live blogging the event (sadly, Apple no longer permits streaming video of their announcements). I really liked what I heard (and I was particularly excited when I got an email from my wireless carrier that I was eligible for an early upgrade to the new iPhone 5).

The specs are pretty spectacular. 20% lighter, 18% thinner, 12% less volume, and a screen that is just about a half inch longer, allowing for a four-inch display.

Image Credit: Apple Website

While the physical appearance changes are exciting, I’m actually more excited about what’s inside, particularly the new A6 chip which Apple claims makes the phone twice as fast as the 4S (which is much faster than my current 4 already). But the 4G capability as well as the better wireless connection is also pretty exciting, particularly since I often tether my laptop to my phone when I travel.

But the number one thing I’m excited about is the camera. The iPhone has become my primary camera, and another thing I really have missed not having the 4S is the improved camera capability, but the 5 is going to have an AMAZING camera. Take a look at this full resolution photo taken with the iPhone 5. Holy crap, right? Plus it has a new panaroma feature, the capacity to take HD video (I’ve been disappointed in the video capacity of the 4 frequently).

While the new iPhone is cool and all, it can’t solve all our problems right? Interestingly enough, some economists are suggesting that the new iPhone release could actually impact the US GDP. As much as a quarter or half a percent. Damn. Some of that will also be from everyone having to buy adapters, because yes, the iPhone 5 DOES have a different (and much smaller) plug at the bottom.

Anyway, I can’t wait. The iPhone 5 will actually be available on September 21st and will be priced starting at $199, and I have a couple of outstanding invoices that will hopefully pay by then….


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