Why Its Actually Touching That a 7-Year-Old Boy Blew Up a Building (Video)

Make-A-Wish Foundation
Little Maxwell's wish was to make a very big mess

Usually tears of happiness aren’t shed when a building blows up. But a 7-year-old got to push the detonator to implode a grain silo in Toledo, Ohio, and it just might make you tear up.

That’s because Maxwell Hinton is suffering from a form of cancer called Neuriblastoma and has long wanted to blow up a building. The Make-a-Wish Foundation helped him make his dream come true.

The building was already scheduled to be demolished, according to Yahoo. Maxwell did the dirty deed in front of an audience of 30,000 people.

Check out the video where little Max gets to make his big, messy dream a reality (and click here to donate to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and help more sick kids blow up buildings, or whatever else might tickle their fancies):


Image: Fox Toldeo News

Video: YouTube


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