Why My Daughter Loves Shopping at Target: An Interview


My Girl Shopping at TargetI recently came to a realization. Although I adore hitting the boutiques from Fiddlesticks and Mudpie in San Francisco to splurging on something fabulous at Neiman Marcus, my daughter did not, and I repeat, did not inherit my shopping bug. In fact, she hates it. She would rather go to the dentist, eat a plate of brussels sprouts or watch the grass grow than to be dragggggggggged shopping. But you know where she will tolerate shopping and where she actually enjoys it? At Target. I decided to interview my 6-year-old to see why she felt that way.

Me: So do you like going shopping for clothes with mommy?
Her: No

Me: Why not?
Her: Because it’s boring and I hate it.

Me: But you don’t mind going shopping for clothes at Target?
Her: No, I like that ‘cos it’s awesome there, plus they have tons of toys.

Me: Why do you like to shop at Target for your clothing.
Her: Because I get to pick out what I like and it’s easy.

Me: What’s your favorite thing to buy at Target?
Her: Shoes, dresses, lots of stuff!

Me: What else do you like about it?
Her: There is always new stuff, like different stuff when we go.

Me: What are your favorite things you’ve gotten at Target?
Her: My Oswald sweatshirt, my pink glitter shoes, and I guess my leggings since I wear those a lot to school.

Me: So you feel like you get more choice when we go to Target?
Her: Yes, when we go to a fancy store, you always try to get me stuff I don’t want and I only get like one or two things. There I get my own stuff and more of it.

Well said my dear, well said.

Do your kids like shopping for their clothes at Target more than other places?

Photo: Sunny Chanel

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