Why We Blog: Bloggers Tell All

Why would anyone willingly share their most intimate thoughts, feelings, and struggles online for all the world to see?

For a multitude of personal reasons.

It’s hard for people to understand how blogging is like oxygen for many of us. Sure, for some it’s just a job, but for the passionate souls blogging is akin to breathing. It simply must be done to maintain our mental and spiritual balance. 

If you haven’t already checked out Wisdom From Mom Bloggers: “The Greatest Gift Blogging Has Given Me”, you simply must – it’s that good. In fact, go now; I’ll be here when you get back.

I asked the blogosphere to share the very personal reasons why they blog; take a look:

  • Blogging saved my life 1 of 17
    Blogging saved my life
    "Blogging saved my life. Or put another way, blogging helps me survive. Dealing with twins (one is special needs). It was either BLOG or have a nervous breakdown. Had to redefine EVERYTHING and that is why my blog is called MY So-Called Sensory Life. Having a sensory kid (who also has other needs) forced me to live in a brave new world -- the sensory one."
    via Laura My So-Called Sensory Life

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  • Blogging helps me advocate 2 of 17
    Blogging helps me advocate
    "I blog to advocate for those with special needs and to help parents like myself get a good laugh."
    via Sunday Adventures in Extreme Parenthood

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  • So many reasons! 3 of 17
    So many reasons!
    "Because I needed documented proof in case my 2 year old knocked me out with a flying cup or partially eaten piece of dinner! Lol! Seriously though, I use blogging as an outlet and it's a good way to build up a writing portfolio for possible future jobs. It's also a pretty awesome way to meet great online buddies. If money comes with it, that's just icing on the blogger cake!"
    via Charma Surprised Mama

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  • Blogging’s been an evolution 4 of 17
    Blogging's been an evolution
    "I started blogging as a hobby. Originally to share with family about our 1st and 2nd kids. Then about bargains. Then about tech. Then about 2 more pregnancies. Before I knew it, it had become an addiction. Blogging was an outlet from a stressful job. It allowed me to connect with other like-minded people. Some where along the journey, blogging became a business and allowed me to escape corporate America. Now that it's my job, I am able to set my own hours, work in my pjs and actually spend time with my kids."
    via Molly Digital Mom Blog

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  • Blogging keeps me grounded 5 of 17
    Blogging keeps me grounded
    "Because it keeps me sane and sober."
    via Brooke B in Real Life

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  • Blogging helped me remember me 6 of 17
    Blogging helped me remember me
    "Because when my kids were tiny, blogging allowed me to connect with other adults while still wearing my yoga pants. It helped me to remember the "me" that existed before them and helped me to engage the adult part of my brain. Read: blogging kept me sane (relatively, at least)."
    via Nichole In These Small Moments

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  • Blogging keeps me from eating 7 of 17
    Blogging keeps me from eating
    "Haaaa! Keeps me from gaining 100 lbs, by eating chocolate all the time. If some fortune came with that, I wouldn't close the door!"
    via Mikita Never Home SAHM

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  • Blogging makes us united 8 of 17
    Blogging makes us united
    "I hope to make other people realize they aren't alone in their daily crap-the good, bad, and otherwise. And it helps me realize I'm not alone in mine."
    via Mandy Suburban Stereotype

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  • Blogging is mine 9 of 17
    Blogging is mine
    "It is writing, which I enjoy and do not have time to pursue in a paid format. It is not required of me, it's optional not imposed, which is nice. On my blog, I can be a little cheeky and controversial, which I rarely get to be at home or work (eye rolling accepted here). It's a separate space that's all me and people can take it or leave it."
    via Mary Beth Clip Clop Mama

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  • Blogging keeps me connected 10 of 17
    Blogging keeps me connected
    "I blog for the community. I'm so much better at making and maintaining friendships online. It's just so much easier!"
    via Michelle Early Mama

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  • Blogging is a help 11 of 17
    Blogging is a help
    "I write for myself. It's a huge outlet for me, especially right now with all that has gone on the first 6 weeks of this year. Unfortunately I've had to start monetizing my blog since I got laid off at the end of January, and I hate doing it. But at least it's a little something coming in."
    via Midwest Momments

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  • Blogging is my outlet 12 of 17
    Blogging is my outlet
    "I was inspired by my sister, and Mommyfriend- and blogging has been an outlet for my thoughts/feelings that I didn't have time to share with anyone because I'm either at work, or at home with my boys!!"
    via Ladera Mom

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  • Blogging is building my platform 13 of 17
    Blogging is building my platform
    "Trying to build my writing platform. Plus I crack myself up and figure I should share the joy."
    @thatnolenchick via Twitter That Nolen Chick

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  • Blogging offers companionship 14 of 17
    Blogging offers companionship
    "I blog to get all the stuff I wanna say to other adults out. Without my blog I would be one lonely person."
    via Jessica Punk Rock Momma

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  • Good question! 15 of 17
    Good question!
    "This is such a good question. My answer seems to change on the daily."
    @pretty_swell via Twitter pretty swell

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  • Blogging gives me a voice 16 of 17
    Blogging gives me a voice
    "I blog because writing gives my thoughts and feelings a voice, and I love to connect hearts and minds."
    @fromthebungalow via Twitter From the Bungalow

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  • Blogging allows me to share 17 of 17
    Blogging allows me to share
    "Sometimes it's cathartic. Sometimes I learn something I want to share. Sometimes I just want a voice."
    @tinysophisticate via Twitter Tiny Sophisticate

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Can you relate to these bloggers? Why do you blog?

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