Why Would Jaycee Dugards Kidnappers Plead Not Guilty After They Confessed to Their Crimes?


Before Thursday, most pundits figured that Jaycee Dugard’s kidnappers would plead guilty. Philip Garrido is a convicted sex offender and he and his wife Nancy  are on trail for kidnapping Dugard when she was just 11-year-old and holding her captive for eighteen long years. He also fathered two children with Dugard during the time he kept her as his prisoner.  Just last month, Garrido and his wife had reportedly confessed to the kidnapping and raping Dugard and a plea deal had apparently been on the table. Due to what had already transpired, it really came as a shock when the Garrido’s pled not-guilty on Thursday. This means the case may indeed go to trial. Why would the Garridos plead not guilty when they had already confessed?

Nancy Garrido’s lawyer, as recently as Monday, stated that Philip Garrido has “confessed to it, so he’s pleading guilty and he doesn’t want to put Jaycee through the trial.”

But with a not guilty plea, a trial would be forthcoming. But it’s a trial that Jaycee Dugard is ready for and is willing to testify. But there is concern that her two daughters with Garrido will have to testify as well.

As for why they would plead not guilty, the main speculation is that they are pleading not guilty in a ploy to get a better plea bargain.  It was reported that The District Attorney offered a sentence of 241 years to Nancy Garrido and a sentence of 440 years to life for Phillip Garrido. Perhaps their lawyers believe they can get a better deal if they went to trial? But even if the sentence was cut in half, it would still be  more than a life sentence. It really would be a shame if Jaycee Dugard and her daughters had to relive their nightmare in front of a jury.

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