Will a New Indian Anti-Smoking Campaign with ‘Death Chant Lighters be Effective? (VIDEO)

Indian Death Chant
An electric lighter rigged to play back an Indian death chant

Ask 10 smokers if they’ve ever attempted to break the habit and chances are you’ll get 10 different ways in which each one has tried to quit.

Not only are smoking cessation methods varied greatly by individual, but many cultures have different methods in which they try and encourage smokers to stop once and for all.

India has embarked on a new, and unusual, campaign through its Cancer Patients Aid Association, according to CBS News. It’s not focused on the cigarettes or even the person smoking them. It’s all about the lighters.

Cigarettes are sold individually in India, and all smoking shops have electric lighters fitted for smokers. As part of the new quit smoking campaign, when engaged, the lighters playback a chant sung when someone dies in India. Light a cigarette, listen to a death chant.

Will it be an effective tool in the effort to get people to quit smoking in India? Take a look at this video and see the reaction of a few smokers. India might just be onto something in the battle to break the smoking habit.

Image & Video: YouTube

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