Will Arnett Reading Judy Blume on Jimmy Fallon


Will ArnettWill Arnett is known to millions as George “Gob” Bluth II on the dearly departed series “Arrested Development.” My kids know him as Max The Magician on Sesame Street.

What I didn’t know is that Mr. Arnett does a lot of traditional voice-over work. Not just cartoons, like the new “G-Force”, but car commercials and stuff. So Jimmy Fallon Kimmel thought it would be fun to have Arnett read a few lines from the Judy Blume classic, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret“. Here it is:

“I’ve got a bra now. It’d be nice if I had something to put in it.” Heh heh.

Bonus: here’s a clip of Max the Magician. Cracks me up every time.

Source: Hulu via Buzzfeed

By the way, you can watch “Arrested Development” at I did not know that.