Will Someone Please Take My Daughter to Their Work So I Can Actually Get Some Done?

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
When you work at home with your kid, when are you not on the clock?

While I appreciate the concept behind Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (which is today), I wonder if there’s a day in which we can leave them behind. Or, more specifically, if I can actually go to work without my daughter.

I started working from home when she was born over two and a half years ago and I haven’t stopped working or doing it from home. It was by choice (and not an easy one at that), and while I don’t regret it, I’m not sure that having her watch me work all day every day is necessarily what Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is meant to do.

According to the organization Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work:

It’s About Teamwork! Working together with employers, employees, parents, mentors, and educators is key to creating a successful day that strengthens the connection between education and work and relationships between parents and their children.

There’s no doubt that being home together since she was born has ensured we have a strong connection. But lately, and more often than not, I’m thinking our connection might even be stronger if we weren’t together every minute of the day. I’m sure I’ll miss her when she starts preschool two days a week later this spring (I mean, I’m guessing I’ll miss her during part of those days). And maybe it’ll make both of us appreciate the other more.

I’ll be thrilled if she grows up and has a strong concept of career because she watched her mom work hard to maintain hers– although I’m more convinced she’ll grow up with an aversion to computers and smartphones, since she seems to think (and rightly so) that I am surgically attached to mine.

I remember as a kid I cherished the days I got to take the train into New York City to spend the day in my dad’s office. I haven’t a clue now what it is about spending 8 hours perched at a secretary’s desk with a typewriter and a box of crayons that thrilled me, but it did.

My daughter loves when we stop by my husband’s office. She knows where all of the treasures are in his desk and who in his building stashes toys for their own kids’ pleasure. He’s able to drop everything for the few minutes while we’re there, and she gets a undeniable rush about being the center of his world for that period of time.

In hindsight, today might have been a good day for her to go to his work. Especially since it would have meant that I could have had some interrupted work time. Oh well. Next year.

Did you bring your child(ren) to work today?

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