Will the Future See Fewer Girls? Radiation May Result in Millions of Fewer Female Babies


Limerick Nuclear Power Plant with steam rising                  We may see a great big baby boom of the boy variety soon.

According to a new study there may well be millions of fewer girls born in the world,  something that could significantly change the gender balance in Japan and the Western part of the United States. So why is this happening? Radiation.

Scientists deduced in a recent study that due to nuclear radiation from power plant leaks and bomb testing as well as big nuclear accidents is having a big impact  on the gender of future births.

The trend actually appeared to begin back in 1960s when atomic testing started and the radiation spread thought the air all over the world, but in lower quantities. The second big spike was after Chernobyl and in the surrounding area saw far more boys than girls being born.

And now in the wake of the nuclear power plant disasters in Japan, the United States may be affected. One of the scientists said of the newest radiation issue that, “maybe it’s confined to just Japan, but if it gets in the water and the air, it’s possible that we could see a similar effect, especially on the West Coast of America.”

So why does this happen in the first place? Apparently radiation has a tendency to damage to the X chromosome in sperm, which would effect the birth rates of girls, producing more boys.

Hopefully this is all just speculation and that the balance won’t go off kilter.

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