Will There Be a Hurricane Irene Baby Boom?

Couple in Bed
Will There be a Hurricane Irene Baby Boom?

One activity that many an adult couple living in the path of Hurricane Irene enaged in this weekend? They had sex. It may have been due to the excitement of the possible impending danger or it may have been the only thing to do during the power outage, or maybe it was because it was Saturday night. Regardless, you know there were some amorous adults getting busy during the Hurricane watch. And when adults get busy sometimes they make a baby. So does this mean that we may see a Hurricane Irene baby boom?

There have been myths about other disasters and events that were credited for a surge of births,  from 9/11 to those conceived during blackouts (most notably the great blackout of 1965). But according to several reports, the uptick in births nine months after such events is just rumor and the data doesn’t support it when comparing the birth rates to pre and post disaster times.

But in times like these it may inspire couples to start or add to a family or they may have the opposite reaction. The Population Reference Bureau states that, “people could still respond in different ways. For some people, the sudden reminder that death could come at any time may lead them to think, “We always meant to have children; let’s stop putting it off.” For others, as Duke University professor S. Philip Morgan points out, uncertainty about the future may lead them to think, or just to feel, that the time isn’t right to be starting a family.”

Do you think there were many babies conceived in the path of Hurricane Irene?

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