Will There Really Be a 50 Shades of Grey Baby Boom?

50 Shades of Baby?

The media apparently loves a baby boom, be it the result of a blackout, a freeway closure, or an event like 9/11. The newest baby-making phenomenon that’s been speculated? That there will be an onslaught of babies born from S&M-inspired sexual encounters as a result of reading E. L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey.

But nine months from now, will we really see a bunch of little Christians and Anastasias being born?


Yahoo UK claimed the 50 Shades of Grey baby boom will indeed being “a thing,” saying, “hundreds of expectant mums have bombarded parenting websites claiming the books are responsible for them falling pregnant with ’50 Shades’ Babies.'”

Amanda Macrott of Slate disagrees. She points out a simple piece of logic: “Contraception usage rates make it incredibly implausible that a small social phenomenon is going to make a whole lot of babies, unless there’s something about 50 Shades that causes people to toss their condoms and pills out, vowing never to use them again.” And it’s not just the birth control aspect of it but also the odds that the book is not actually resulting in a giant spike in more sex. “The suggestion that a popular erotic novel is enough to get so many engines turning is also a tad hard to believe,” Macott says. “The porn industry and romance novel industry have both been enormous for decades now. The idea that folks are only now considering the possibility of cranking their engines with erotic materials defies basic common sense.”

Do you think there will be a 50 Shades of Grey baby boom, or is all this talk just making a “boom” out of a “blip”?