Will You Help Build Snookis Babys Bank Account to a Million Bucks Before Birth?

You didn't knock her up, but you're part of the reason why you know she's pregnant

I haven’t had much to say about Snooki’s pregnancy. First, because she’s, like, 3 minutes along. Second, because I’ve never actually seen “Jersey Shore.” Third, because I don’t actually have an opinion about everything (well, OK, I do have an opinion about everything, but I don’t always share it. You’re welcome).

But while I’ve never seen “Jersey Shore” and only actually stepped foot there once (I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get that weekend back for years), I still understand why it’s news that Snooki is pregnant. She parties a lot. She has a hideous tan. And she’s on an MTV reality show. It’s a straight-to-Celebrity-Rehab kind of fairy tale.

Now Snooki is apparently set to make serious bank off of her pregnancy, according to Yahoo Shine (via the New York Post). If that bothers you, you kind of have no one to blame but yourself.

Snooki will hardly be the first celebrity, or pseudo-celebrity, or reality drama starlet to sell her story. That Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t sell their pregnancy announcement or first baby photos makes them an anomaly in the celebrity world. It’s par for the course for famous folk to get as much money as possible for all the nitty gritty pregnancy and birth details.

Kourtney Karsdashian, Tori Spelling, Matthew McConaughey, and Brad Pitt and Angelina are just a few of the many, many celebrities who’ve eagerly raked in six, seven and even eight figures for sharing intimate tidbits about their offspring.

You could argue that writers on mom blog sites also get paid to share about their kids, which, of course we do. But I’d argue that it’s still apples and oranges, or gold bricks and seriously small potatoes — like, tater tots small in most of the latter cases. One group is generally attempting to share their every day experiences while the other group is selling a one-time-only front row seat for a behind-the-scenes view of their exceptionally rich and privileged life.

I don’t think either group is better or worse than the other. Because that both groups exist is a direct result of a willing audience. If no one read this site, for instance, or bought Us magazine with Snooki on the cover, Babble writers and Snooki would all be searching for alternative income sources. But here you are, and enough of you will buy Snooki’s mug on a glossy weekly that all of us will live to share our stories for another day.

If the idea of Snooki getting rich off of her pregnancy repulses you because of what you know about her, just think about the part you or someone you probably know have played in allowing her to rise to the level of fame, or infamy, she’s already achieved.

Just remember: If you watch it and buy it, they will give the celebrities money for doing it and hawking it. If you don’t, they won’t. It’s pretty simple like that.

Do you really care if Snooki makes zillions off her unborn baby?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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