Will You Teach Your Kids To Give Like The Anonymous KMart Donors? (Video)


The Season of Giving.

The time of year when we talk about how important it is to teach our kids to GIVE, not simply focus on receiving.  It takes absolutely nothing to make me cry.  There are so many stories of need floating around.  And it is impossible to help everyone.

But then you will hear about a little slice of heaven like the anonymous donors paying off Kmart layaway accounts for families in need…families just trying to provide holiday gifts for their kids.  And my faith in humanity soars.  And I tear up as I read it to my small people.

And my gears turn, thinking of new ways to inspire the giving spirit in my small people.

What type of giving, anonymous or otherwise, do you do around the holidays?  And do stories like these motivate you to find new ways to reach out to families in need. (and not just during the holidays)


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