Will Your Child Be Disappointed On Christmas Morning? (VIDEO)


“Dear Santa….”  I hear my sweet girl’s voice as she is writing her letter to Santa.  “How are you?  Is it really cold at the North Pole?  I promise I have been good this year.  I would love a cell phone….”

I know there is more to her list.  But my first thought was “WHAT??!!??”  Followed by, “I don’t care WHAT Santa thinks, but no seven year old of mine is getting a cell phone!”

But this isn’t a kid-cell-phone debate.  This is a, “Wow…. I could have one very disappointed little girl on Christmas morning…”

Surely, I’m not alone…. parents everywhere have to face a potentially disappointed child during the holidays.  Some wish lists are too expensive.  Or not appropriate (what?  a CELL PHONE?) Or you are simply philosophically opposed to granting those certain holiday wishes.

Do you have a character building talk?  A Letter from Santa? Leave it up to tough love?

Watch and weigh in…


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