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Will Your Tomboy Grow Up to Be a Lesbian? One Study Thinks So.

By Sunny Chanel |

Girl Climbing Tree

Tomboy = Lesbian?

Do you have a Tomboy? Do you wonder if that little girl of yours – who would rather climb trees then sit down to pretend to sip tea – will grow up to be a lesbian?  One new study thinks she might.

A team from the Queen Mary University in London recently completed research about “sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women.” They believe that they have discovered that both sexual orientation and gender conforming traits are genetic. It is not learned through conditioning, it is just the way they were born – just like Lady Gaga says.

The study notes that there are “consistent differences in the psychological characteristics of boys and girls.” Boys like to rough house. Girls like to play house. But then there are those girls (and boys) who crossover. The researchers said that about one third of “gender nonconformity” seen in girls is A precursor to them becoming a lesbian later in life.

Dr. Qazi Rahman, co-author of the study stated that, “We found that there is a connection between these mental traits and how sexual orientation develops. One idea is that there is an association between these psychological traits and sexual orientation because they all develop under common biological drivers; like the development of brain regions under the influence of genes and sex hormones.”

Sure, that could explain the “butch” lesbians, but how about the “lipstick” lesbians?

Do you think the fact that a girl may be a Tomboy might lead them to be a lesbian when they grow up or is this just another one of those silly studies?


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20 thoughts on “Will Your Tomboy Grow Up to Be a Lesbian? One Study Thinks So.

  1. Gretchen Powers says:

    Oh, for fook’s sake! What about the kids who like to sit and read and draw all day. What are they?

  2. Bunnytwenty says:

    We’re asexual, obviously.

    (This is a very stupid study.)

  3. bri says:

    Don’t ask a biased question like that, since the survey says ONLY 1/3 of tomboys or sissy boys grow up to be gay. That means 2/3 of the kids who don’t conform to gender stereotypes grow up to be straight.

    P.S. – I was a tomboy, but I’ve always been straight! : )

  4. Kelly says:

    every lesbian I know or have met is somewhat tomboyish. they’re not girly, that’s for sure. but I never look at a tomboy and think she must be, or will be, a lesbian.

  5. Kate says:

    This is dumb. Why do we have to label children’s sexuality before they’re old enough to be sexual people? Sure, you might have clues that a child will grow up a certain way, but what if you’re wrong? Just love them.

  6. Shandeigh says:

    omg. seriously? Most girls go through a tomboy stage.. usually to impress a boy….

  7. MB says:

    What a stupid, insulting study.

  8. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    I don’t put any stock in something as silly as this type of research. I find studies like this so offensive to the gay, bisexual, and transexual community. It makes no sense b/c alot of kids go through all types of phases and it doesn’t necessarily define thier sexuality as adults. It’s shameful that people will always look for some type of reasoning or excuse to explain why a person “becomes” gay, as though being gay or lesbian is a bad thing. Why should it matter either way?

  9. ME says:

    PBS released a documentary not too long ago about a young man who was killed by another because he was transgendered. In the documentary, the producers interviewed people who spoke about Navajo beliefs. They believe that there are 4 genders, not two. Doesn’t this make sense? Couldn’t there be more more than 2? Why do we have to place people in either of 2 categories when it’s quite obvious that people will behave in all sorts of ways. “Male” and “Female” seem to be too confining.

  10. Pocket Protector says:

    Quote from above: “Don’t ask a biased question like that, since the survey says ONLY 1/3 of tomboys or sissy boys grow up to be gay. That means 2/3 of the kids who don’t conform to gender stereotypes grow up to be straight.”

    That’s not what the results say — they say that 1/3 of gender noncomformity is a precursor to those girls being lesbian. Basically, some of those traits may be indicators of girls coming out later in life. NOT that 1/3 of tomboys are gay!!!

  11. Dionne Haring says:

    Ok i dont agree i was always a tomboy i grew up with one parent and that happens to be my dad i always wanted to hang out with the boys, climb trees, throw the ball around, and wore blue jeans i am now married with a son and another on the way my life cant get any better. Little girls or boys may act different cause everyone grew up only knowing one thing, and that is girls have to were pink with bows and play house or dress up and for boys its rough house, playing football. Some kids just think outside of the box and don’t care what people say that is OK!!! different is OK and if that person ends up growing up gay it was probably for a whole different story!

  12. SabSal says:

    I had 4 brothers growing up and I was more of a boy than them. I’m straight and all of my brothers are straight. This is the dumbest study I have ever heard of.

  13. JWW says:

    Uh oh! My daughter likes trucks instead of dolls! Please…

  14. Alexia says:

    This is the most idiotic study I ever heard in my life. I was a tomboy and I am not lesbian. My best friend was a tomboy and guess what? She is not lesbian. What a waste of time and money

  15. LinZi says:

    Our culture has done an amazing job dichotomizing gender. Just making a list makes be cringe:

    war toys
    being strong
    being brave
    being tough
    hiding emotions
    “me first” attitude encouraged/selfishness/leader
    being independent
    outside activities
    physical activities
    working with tools
    time with friends is spent doing activities/sports

    emotionally expressive/emphathetic
    being dependent on others/selflessness/team player
    playing with dolls
    care taking
    learning manners
    being pretty (i.e. small/thin no muscles, dressing nicely, doing hair, make-up, nails, etc)
    inside activities
    time with friends is spent talking/making selves pretty/care taking

    Nothing else to be said…

  16. Anna says:

    Hi, I’m a 14 yo grl kinda with the whole long tops mixxed wit d stockings and gymboots so yea kinda femme but I do howeva have a crush on a tomboy female in my class and we both went to the same school in primary so it’s hard to try focus my attentions on anythin else but I have told her my feelins finally after 2 yrs of waitin known none of those fake boys she hung out with would Eva have a much empathy 4 her and how they talked behind her back and it jstade me boil inside known she was bein fooled but anyway Im kinda tryin 2 jst focus the attention on school nd things I mean yes I’ve always been a bit boy crazed but there’s jst somethin bout skinny tumbles that turns me On and yes I have been in a relationship with a guy 4 a yr b4 he had 2 graduate but I’ve still yet 4 my wings 2 spread nd fly but I remain in the thought if it’s jst infatuation or what but all I know is that I love the grl unlike any man I’ve Eva liked

  17. Anna says:

    She is average height a bit smaller Dan me short red hair ( which I think is Devine) bt anyway she is cutely skinny with rather boyish dress code. She has the ( which I think is the hottest little boyish grl smile I e Eva seen on a gri and sexxi lil freckles and a lil apple shaped arsee that is the first 2 make my belie lil hormones go crazy

  18. Anna says:

    So clearly she gets my labidio drivin

  19. mae says:

    That study is nor right. During my whole infancy and teenage years I was a pure tomboy. In fact, until this day I dislike girl things and I am straight. Though unfortunately I think that a lot of people tend to think like this study. Many people that didn’t know me had the first impression that I must have been a lesbian and they were all wrong . We shouldn’t be judging people.

  20. Damian says:

    I was dating this girl a couple of days ago. She told me she was a tomboy back in middle school and liked girls, once she got to high school she made out with only one girl but to this day she only likes men, I asked her if she was bisexual she said a little, she was more interested in men, then I broke up with her because I wouldnt want my girlfriend to be bisexual, it’s cool for other girls to be bisexual and I think it’s a major turn on but I wouldn’t want that in a girl I was with, then she started saying she wasn’t bisexual. Can anyone help me with this? Is this girl that I was talking to really bisexual, or is she just lying just to get back with me? Please let me know.

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