Wing Bowl 2011 Winner Has Nothing on My Kids [Video]

Wing Kong, indeed.

In case you missed it, Wing Bowl 19 went down this morning. Two proud (and disgusting) past champions battled it out as Super Squibb managed to out eat El Wingador by just one wing. The final tally? 255-254.

I started to look up the rules to see how long these shameless poultry inhalers had to gobble down their meat, but I, um, chickened out. Why? Because I decided I didn’t want to know. The prospect of eating that many wings in a week disturbs me, let alone the mere handful of minutes they likely were given.

Besides, I didn’t need to know the time to be certain of one thing. My triplets have a strong chance at taking home a future title.

At least judging from this old video clip I made in 2008 — it really shows their Wing Bowl spirit. But they even take it a step further. They prove they’re not afraid of Wing Plates either. And even an occasional cup. Thank goodness we’re past this stage.

Check it out:

Source: CurrierPostOnline
Image: Flickr/steakbellie

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