Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: Where Do You Turn When You Need Inspiration to Blog?

When you first start a blog, it seems like the ideas are endless. Suddenly you’ve got an online outlet to share your day-to-day, your dreams, even what you’re planning to buy on your next trip to Target. But what about a month after you start? A year? (Or three?) Read on to find out how some of our Top 100 Mom Bloggers get out of a writing rut.

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  • Find the Funny 2 of 19
    Flourish in Progress

    Checking out humor blogs always gives me a boost. Jenny Lawson's The Bloggess was one of the first blogs I ever found, and I still read it religiously. It's a good reminder to just be myself. Those who "get" you will stay and those who don't, well, that's why there are so many other blogs.
    - Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progess

  • Stay Alert 3 of 19
    Love That Max

    I scan news sites and various topic alerts I've set up on Google. I also love to read The Onion, the writers are wildly creative and damn funny and I want to be like them when I grow up. Mostly, I just hang with my kids. Poof! Fodder.
    - Ellen Seifman, Love That Max

  • Keep it in the Home 4 of 19
    Oh Dear Drea

    My home. There are so many simple and beautiful things surrounding our life, it's not very hard to pull inspiration from much of it :)
    - Drea Duclos, Oh Dear Drea

  • Reflect on the Hard Stuff 5 of 19

    Whenever I'm struggling with words to fill my computer screen, I ask myself what my biggest life challenge has been lately. Sometimes it's hard and scary to write about it, but the awesome thing about blogging is it gives me a chance to put those challenges and fears out in the world, and in return, I find that I'm not alone.
    - Jill Krause, Baby Rabies

  • The Bottom of the Bottle… 6 of 19

    My marriage, my mental state, my kids... that pile of empty wine bottles over there....
    - Brittany Gibbons, Brittany Herself

  • Turn to Others 7 of 19

    "Between raising a toddler, planning a wedding and fun with secondary infertility, I’ve usually got plenty to say. But if I’m really stuck, I’ve found that other people’s blog posts can be fabulous writing prompts. I’ll craft an homage or a respectful rebuttal, citing the source of my inspiration and linking to the original post.
    - Amy Wruble, Carriage Before Marriage

  • Take a Break 8 of 19

    Inspiration comes from a little bit of everything. To tell you the truth, when I'm really in a rut, I go read my favorite blogs and that usually does the trick. Either that or I'll take a break from everything online and something will usually happen in our day to day lives that I feel the need to talk about.
    - Caroline Edwards, Chocolate and Carrots

  • A Little Bit of Everything 9 of 19

    I find inspiration everywhere. While standing in line at the grocery store, watching an exchange between the express lane cashier and the woman with 17 items who insists she has the requisite 15 items. I overhear conversations at my son's soccer games, while leaning in close so I can hear two teenage girls gossip deliciously. I'll catch myself saying something inane to my children, and I wonder, now why would I feel the need to tell them that? Inspiration happens every moment throughout our day--we just have to look at our lives like we're watching a sitcom.
    - Alexandra Rosas, Good Day Regular People

  • Ask the Readers 10 of 19

    Readers constantly send me stories of crazy over-protection and overreaction when it comes to kids and “danger” (like the danger posed by a Hello Kitty bubble gun), so I go to my email in-box.
    - Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids

  • Hit Refresh 11 of 19

    I go back and read other bloggers who inspire me to write better and then a take a shower, in that order. Bring a waterproof pen.
    - Jamie Frayer, Grumbles and Grunts

  • Hit Pause 12 of 19

    Honestly, if I am completely uninspired to blog, I just don't. We live in a world with a Pinterest though, so it's kinda rare that I'm not inspired. Sometimes just reliving your day in a blog post can be very interesting to the reader.
    - Jess Craig, IROCKSOWHAT

  • Stay in the Loop 13 of 19

    I have an "8 AM" folder on my bookmarks bar with links to everything from the NYT to The Dish to Parent Hacks. Between those and Twitter, I know what people are talking about. Or if I feel like writing something less topical, I tend to ask myself what I've been worried about lately, or what friends have brought up--what's happening outside my laptop? That's usually where the stuff I'm really interested in comes from.
    - KJ Dell’Antonia, The New York Times’ Motherlode

  • Stick to Your Niche 14 of 19

    When I need some inspiration, I look at blogs in my "niche", especially those bloggers that I aspire to. I watch their style of writing, how they connect with their audience and look at the topics they're writing about to get ideas for future blog posts (without plagiarism of course!).
    - Jenn Thorson, Purposeful Mom

  • My Crazy Kids 15 of 19

    I read some of my favorite humor bloggers. They make me laugh and get me in the mood to write. Spending time with my loveable, crazy children also gives me plenty of inspiration.
    - Kelcey Kinter, The Mama Bird Diaries

  • Exploit the Chaos 16 of 19

    I usually just need to look around at the chaos enveloping my life to be inspired. Sometimes this inspiration drives me to drink. Other times it drives me to blog. (It should be noted here that this chaos never drives me to Pinterest.)
    - Kristine Cook, Wait in the Van

  • Stop and Smell the Roses 17 of 19
    All Things Fadra

    When we get so wrapped up in the online world, we sometimes forget to stop and live life. Just go without a camera or a smart phone and enjoy the moment for the moment's sake. That gets us out of the mode of a "storyline" and into the types of inspiration we need to keep writing the stories of our lives.
    - Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra

  • Maintain a Weekly Reading Routine 18 of 19

    Weekly, I am inspired by the writers curated by places like "Five Star Friday" and I check in on them every week. Those writers are phenomenal and I learn a lot from them. I also look at Upworthy regularly and see what my favorite charities/social change places are doing.
    - Kelly Wickham, Mocha Mom

  • Go to Print 19 of 19

    If I need fodder, I read the newspaper. Or see what people are talking about on Twitter. If I feel uninspired to write, I read a book. - Marinka,
    Motherhood in NYC

Tell us in the comments — how do you get out of a writer’s block?

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