Wishful Thinking on Black Friday: A Deal on an iPad2


All this week, my husband has been holding out hope that Apple would be having a big sale for Black Friday.  I’ve been bursting his bubble by telling him that Apple rarely discounts its products because, well, they don’t need to, and that this Friday is just another Friday for them.  Sale or not, Black Friday or not, their products will still fly off of the shelves like they are having a 90% off sale.  It’s a testament to the quality of their products, their rock-solid brand image, and brilliant marketing strategies.

And so here we are on Black Friday 2011, and after about 5 minutes of searching online, we discovered that my predictions were right on the money and that the very best deal available for the iPad2 still only offered savings of about $60, at most – on their most expensive model.  And – just as predicted – my husband is still on his way to purchase one because, sale or not, he’s gotta get one.

Just as the folks at Apple predicted.

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