Woman Gives Birth on Broadway: Gets Standing Ovation

Mamma Mia! Woman Gives Birth On Broadway

Many dream of getting a rousing round of applause on Broadway.  But usually their performance has something with singing, dancing or a bit of acting.  But Even Sweeney got a round of applause for something that is a rare sight on the Great White Way, she gave birth.

Ms. Sweeney and her partner Inez Murray were rushing to the hospital in a taxi-cab after Ms. Sweeney’s contractions had begun. But the contractions? They came on strong and her water broke in the back seat of the cab. The cabbie had called 911 during Ms. Sweeney’s labor and an ambulance and police cars were in pursuit of them, but they couldn’t get to them in time. Finn Murray-Sweeney was born in the back of the cab,  right in front of the theater currently playing – of all things – Mamma Mia.

“His head came out like a big cork,” Ms Murray told the Daily News. “He looked blue and green. We grabbed him, wrapped him in her pants and put him against her.” Soon after the paramedics arrived and cut the umbilical cord. As Ms. Sweeney, Ms. Murray and the baby exited the car, they were met applause from a crowd in front of the theater. New mom Ms. Sweeney? She took a bow.

The cab driver didn’t charge the family for the ride and even followed them to the hospital to return some belongings (like shoes). But he did say that cleaning up the cab “‘took a while” but was “no big deal.”

Photo: Flickr Kristen& Joe

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