Woman Gives Birth Three Days After Being Lit on Fire and Shot


Three days after being kidnapped, set on fire, and shot, Detroit mother Latonya Bowman delivered her baby three weeks early via emergency c-section.

It was a baby her ex-boyfriend Jamal Rogers allegedly did not want and had been conspiring with a friend, Antonio Mathis, since March to terminate. Police say that Rogers, under the guise that he wanted to reconcile with Bowman, invited the pregnant woman to see a movie with him the day of the attack and upon return home asked that she pull into the garage where a gunman police believe was Mathis placed duct tape over Bowman’s eyes and mouth. 

The day before the kidnapping, a Home Depot security camera allegedly captured video of Mathis purchasing gloves, tape and rope. Police believe Rogers drove Mathis to the Home Depot to buy the items.

Bowman was driven to a Detroit alley where her attacker doused her in lighter fluid and lit her on fire. The pregnant woman rolled in an attempt to put out the flames and was then shot once in the upper back. She then played dead until the shooter ran away.

Bowman then wiggled free of the duct tape and was able to drive herself to a nearby gas station for help. Though Bowman suffered burns and a gunshot wound, she is in stable condition. Her son is currently in the intensive care unit.

Both Rogers and Mathis have entered pleas of not guilty against unlawful imprisonment, assault, and conspiracy to commit murder and were denied bond.

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