Woman Gives Birth to Baby in Stuck Hospital Elevator

An Elevator Delivery

Have you ever had a fear of being stuck in an elevator? How about if it did happen to you and you were in the middle of full-blown labor? Yeah, that would be a bit inconvenient to say the least, but that exactly what happened to Katie Thacker of Tacoma, Washington.  And her baby?

He could not wait until the elevator was fixed to come out, so he was born right there between the 12th and 14th floors (there is no 13th floor in the hospital).

Fortunately, she was in good company. She was stuck in the elevator with her nurses and midwife. Her husband Luke was waiting for her on the 14th floor. “I don’t think she was in the elevator more than 10 or 20 minutes and I heard my son cry,” he said.

Luke was able to climb down and enter the elevator while it was stuck so he got the chance to cut the umbilical cord and meet his new son. The elevator was stuck for a full two hours after their baby was born.

His new nickname? Otis (in honor of the popular elevator company). But the new mom said, “It’s really not going to stick, I hope,” his given name is Blake.

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