Woman Leaves Baby on Train


baby-on-trainBoth my husband and I are famous for forgetting crucial items on a frequent basis, especially when it comes to kid’s needs like snacks or drinks. But leaving behind an actual baby? That hasn’t happened.

It did to a suburban Chicago mother. She’d gotten off a suburban Metra train in North Chicago and left behind her little 10 month old baby.

She realized what she’d done (I have no idea how long it took her) and immediately contacted North Chicago police. They called police in Waukegan, the train’s next stop, and police there met the train and wheeled the baby off in its stroller. The mother was reunited right away, which makes me think it was an accident, not an intentional abandonment she thought better of.

I’m wondering why not one person on the train thought to yell at her “Hey lady! Your baby!” before the train pulled away. But I can’t quite point the “bad mama” finger at this lady. As exhausted as I have been until recently when my 16-month-old son finally started sleeping through, I can totally imagine being so tired and preoccupied you just march right off the train and realize too late what you’ve done. And I cop to having more than a few scary moments when I suddenly panicked and turned around to count kids in the backseat because I didn’t 100 percent remember getting the baby in his seat (he’s a very quiet baby).

Moral of the story? A quick “baggage check” before leaving an areas is probably not a bad idea.

Photo: Pixadus

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