Woman Loses Health Benefits Because of Facebook Photos - Morning News


Nathalie Blanchard Facebook PhotoBe careful what you post on Facebook. Nathalie Blanchard of Quebec was told that her disability payments for depression would stop after her insurance company saw photos of her on Facebook having fun on the beach. This was in Canada, where they have national health care. See? If we get the Public Option, this is what will happen. Americans won’t be able to lie to their insurance company and get benefits anymore! I’m not saying Blanchard was lying, by the way. It’s a joke. In case anyone wasn’t sure. The insurance company, Manulife, says that they stopped paying benefits because of a psychiatric evaluation, not the Facebook photos. Blanchard is suing Manulife and her employer, IBM. Her attorney says this is an “invasion of privacy” according to the CBC. I’m no lawyer, but that seems like a bad argument to be making since the photos were posted on Facebook, which just isn’t really all that private. The headline here is terrific; it sounds like something from The Onion. “Depressed woman loses benefits over Facebook photos.” (CBC)

Speaking of great headlines, here’s another: “Model had affair with another doorman before marrying her doorman.” That’s from the New York Daily News. Apparently Christina Ambers, who is suing her East Side co-op after they supposedly “turned on her” for hooking up with “a meager building staffer” (she married said meager staffer), previously “had a torrid affair with a different doorman who worked in her swanky E.74th St. apartment before tying the knot with her current hunky parcel fetcher, Angel Rotger.” Hunky parcel fetcher! Who says journalism is dead? (Daily News)

No communion for you Patrick Kennedy! A bishop in Providence told the Democratic Rhode Island Representative that he could not receive the body and blood of Christ, and told priests not to give it to him. This because of Kennedy’s position on abortion. If Kennedy had diddled a young boy, that would be fine. But pro-choice? Nuh-uh. (New York Post) And here’s a video report:

Apparently they still do the American Music Awards. Who knew? Michael Jackson won four AMAs last night, and Janet Jackson did a medley of her brother’s songs. (BBC) Here’s a video.

And now your Weekend Movie Box Office.

Something called “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (maybe you’ve heard of it?) was number one with a silver bullet, taking in $140.7 million. (Get it? Silver bullet? Werewolves?) That’s the third biggest movie opening ever; number one and two are “The Dark Knight” and “Spider-Man 3″. Superhero movies. Interesting. (Note to Hollywood: make more superhero movies.) “The Blind Side” was a distant second with a respectable $34,510,000, and “2012” fell to third with $26,500,000 ($108,221,000 cume). Kiddie movie “Planet 51″ was fourth with $12,600,000, and “A Christmas Carol (2009)” was fifth with $12,230,000 ($79,791,000). Consider “Carol” cost $200 million, that sounds like a flopparooski to me. Speaking of kids’ movies, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” hasn’t even cracked a million bucks yet, but it’s only in four theaters; the film opens wide on November 25th. It’s per screen average of $49,750 was the second highest this week, so maybe that bodes well for the stop-motion Wes Anderson flick. (BoxOfficeMojo)