Woman Not "Pregnant" with a Baby but with $20,000 of Heroin


Baby Bump? If someone had asked whether “pregnant” Nigerian Afolake Awoyemi was having a boy or a girl, her honest answer would have been…neither.

She was not carrying a  bundle of joy, rather many bundles of heroin. And she did not see her baby bump to its delivery, instead she was busted. What happened?

Reportedly Awoyemi — who had flown into JFK from Paris — had told custom officials that she was three-months pregnant after they saw her “waddling” off the plane. But they didn’t buy her claim and insisted on a full body pat-down. After a “partial strip search” they found what she was actually carrying: “When she dropped her drawers, Awoyemi’s scheme fell apart. Pellets containing brown powder began dropping from her groin area — and the substance tested positive for heroin.” She had even more pellets in her body for a total of about 25. All the heroin had a street value of about $20,000.

Awoyemi is currently in the hospital but will face a federal magistrate this week. And Gawker adds that she had a pregnancy test done and that no, she was not really pregnant.

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