Women Led The Way With Pinterest, Male Tech Journalists Shocked

Pinterest continues to dominate the social media news space, with big tech sites like Mashable and TechCrunch and Motley Fool and Forbes only just now pumping out article after article about how Pinterest is THE next big thing, and why people like it, and how HUGE it is.

The articles are amusing primarily because of how utterly perplexed the authors are about the success of Pinterest. Why are they so perplexed? BECAUSE PINTEREST IS FOR GIRLS. Even Time Magazine says so (they also say that women don’t use Google+, which might surprise the Women of Google+).

Silly women! You and your pretty sites!

I’ve been finding the way that most tech sites discuss Pinterest INFURIATING  — and I’m a late adopter that was ever so slightly dismissive of the site myself. Ahem. But I couldn’t quite put a finger on what about the news coverage was annoying me until I saw this excellent post by Kristy of The Clever Girls. She says it best:

If I were in the tech industry and heard about a product that women immediately loved, couldn’t get enough of, became instantly addicted to, and rabidly shared with everyone they knew, I would invest every penny I could. Fast and sticky adoption by women is a telltale sign that a product is going to do well…not a reason to ignore it.

I’ve spied articles saying things like Pinterest is the Facebook for Women; which is ridiculously stupid since FACEBOOK is the Facebook for women, since women are still a majority on the site. ITProPortal claims that 97% of Pinterest users are female (Pinterest claims a more reasonable 70-80%), and is STUNNED that the adopters are outside the tech community on the coasts. Golly, who knew women in middle America could be so tech savvy? (Note: every mom blogger.)

There are some dudes like Lance Ulanoff at Mashable who are using non-sexist language to talk about Pinterest and it’s appeal:

Mashable started seriously covering Pinterest late last year. I’d previously taken a look at the site and even joined, but wasn’t quite getting it. As with other social networks I’m on, people started following me on Pinterest. This raised my guilt level to a point where I felt compelled to more actively participate on the platform. To do so, however, I needed to spend time on Pinterest, getting to know how the site is organized, what people Pin and why.

He goes on to say what I think is likely the smartest observation about the success of Pinterest I’ve seen written by a man so far:

Pinterest is a broad-based phenomenon that reminds consumers of their refrigerator doors and poster boards.

I think it will be interesting to see how Pinterest changes now that it’s clear that the men of social media geekery can’t afford to NOT pay attention to the site. I’m definitely interested in seeing Pinterest expand what’s offered there across the board. It’s going to be an interesting journey.

Women lead the pack when it comes to social media, though, and it’s time the tech journalists acknowledge admit it.

Cecily blogs at  and loves geeking out about social media here at MomCrunch. Follow her on Twitter as @CecilyK if you want even more snark and fun, or at 



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